Wednesday, 20 Nov 2019

Content Writing – Benefits Of Writing A Series

The following article discusses writing a series of articles in content writing and how this can be used in a number of ways to achieve internet marketing. A series of articles is usually made up of parts that cover a specific topic. Such as a long tutorial on using a software on a subject that interests your readers.

When you write a series of articles, you need to choose a topic on which there is a lot to write because you have to write regularly. A series is often useful in that it attracts the interest of readers who will follow the series to the end. This is very useful because you can take that to selling a product to readers of the series by a carefully placed call of actions. This is a very good form of marketing that does actually work well.

Publishing your series online can be used to increase your sales. It is a passive source of income through which you can easily sell products at the end of the series. This could continue for years particularly if the content you are writing is evergreen/eternal. In fact, such a series will simply be present on your website for years and generate income for you through the people who read it.

How do you write a good series? Here are some tips you should keep in mind.

  1. Tag or categorize a series under the same Tag or Category so that readers can easily look for the articles in the series.
  2. Including links to other parts of the series, particularly the first article, in every article that is part of that series.
  3. If your series is also promoted through other sites, make some good banners or even some widgets for this. This is particularly useful if the series is a sort of course.
  4. Use Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter to promote your series.
  5. Use Email particularly mailing lists and lists of friends to promote the series.
  6. Mention the series in articles and blogs so that you can attract people and gain some search engine rankings.
  7. For an ongoing series, include teasers or previews for the next part of the series. This is useful so as to attract readers and create a sort of suspense.
  8. Follow a consistent time line – one part of the series a week – and stick to the schedule.
  9. Get contact details of people reading the series by an opt-in method so they can be informed when the next part is available.

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